Snow Day

When the weather doesn't cooperate and schools must close as a result, Kids Network is a great place for children to spend their day. We offer child care services to our families in the event school is canceled.

Designated Snow Sites:
Abbott- 1313 N 156 St 402-991-6589
Ackerman- 5110 S 156 St 402-991-6716
Montclair- 2405 S 138 St 402-991-6745
Neihardt- 15130 Drexel St 402-991-6749
Norris- 12424 Weir St 402-991-6761
Wheeler – 6707 S 178 St 402-991-6794

Families utilizing snow day services have the option of using any of the locations above, regardless of which elementary school their child/ren attend.

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